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Mackenzie Dern Not Looking for Any UFC Shortcuts

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fight and fighter coverage video 2018-03-04 18:08:24,
Mackenzie Dern is one of the most highly decorated grapplers to ever step into the UFC Octagon. As such, expectations are high for her mixed martial arts career… but she’s not looking for a rocket ride to the top of her division.

Dern has won numerous world championship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and No Gi grappling competitions, but that doesn’t alway translate to becoming a great fighter in the Octagon. Dern is well aware of that fact, and isn’t willing to simply fall back on her grappling skills.

Dern had a hard fight with Ashley Yoder in her Octagon debut at UFC 222, but she put into practice what she’s been saying, that she is a fighter and is willing to take her lumps in order to get better on her feet… as witnessed by the black eye that Yoder sent her away with.

While Dern is often compared to Ronda Rousey because of their similar backgrounds and the high expectations, Dern is in no rush to get to Rousey’s level of stardom. She is willing to put in the time to develop and become a better fighter as she ascends the ranks of the UFC strawweight division.


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