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Matt Brown suckerpunched by ex jiu-jitsu coach in Brazil, day after UFC 198

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Matt Brown had a rough weekend in Brazil. He was boo’d and heckled by fans chanting that he was going to die at the UFC 198 weigh-ins, and Brown flipped off the crowd in response. Then on the walk to the cage for the fight on the next day, he was struck 3 times by fans, and after the third one Brown pushed back in retaliation. During the fight against Demian Maia, Brown spent most of the bout having his back taken and fighting off the rear-naked choke, before it was cinched in and Brown tapped in the third round with 29 seconds left in the fight.

Then on Sunday, Brown’s ex jiu jitsu coach, Rodrigo Botti, allegedly attacked Brown from behind, and then ran away. Brown’s friend Vinicius went chasing after him and retaliated by punching Botti, revenge for the sucker punch shot. MMA Fighting reports Botti is pressing charges against Vinicius. Afterwards, Botti posted this picture with the caption: scratches on the forehead for the asphalt only. Wtf, Does he has hands of pillow??
In February 2015, Botti accused Brown of assaulting him. Brown said: “Yes, I punched the him in the face. No, I am not a violent person. I was provoked. I was pushed first. He put his hands on me first and then cried to the police about it after. That is a bitch move.”
On May 3rd Botti posted this picture with the hashtags Brazil and take care of business. His friends commented to stay out of trouble and also told to get in trouble, Botti said: Here I can, but in the US no.
Matt Brown’s wife said: Premeditated much?! True psycho!! Stay far away from this guy.
In Feb 2015 Matt wore wrestling shoes on mats and Botti got pissed..shoved Matt so Matt fought back. Botti called cops like a wimp.
Big take away from today: Botti punched & RAN. Let’s all remember Botti 4 being the biggest coward in all of MMA! He solidified his name.
Botti had the nickname “The Brave” in MMA, where he was 6 and 0 with 1 no contest as a pro fighter between 2005 and 2013.
Matt Brown is currently ranked #8 at welterweight. Demian Maia ranked #6 and is on a 5 fight win streak.

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