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MMA fighter Vs. Butterbean Wannabe | Ep. 5 | Phi Phi Island

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fight and fighter coverage, 2020-06-04 13:21:42 ,
Andrew and team head tp Phi Phi island in southern Thailand for a wild weekend of bar parties and Kickboxing exhibitions.

I wanted to note the opponent had some bad sportsmanship during the fight but it’s likely due to lack of experience. But the butterbean is just a reference to him going all out. Respect for him taking a random fight in a bar. And Butterbean is definitely a wild man.

Shout again to the people of Thailand. While Phi Phi among other places are seen as very party-oriented and they are the country itself has much more to give. Do not think that this represents the entirety of Thailand. It was simply a vacation weekend during fight camp.

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