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UFC 244 Official Weigh-in: Kelvin Gastelum’s weigh-in stirs some controversy

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fight and fighter coverage video 2019-11-01 16:18:07,
Kelvin Gastelum waited until the final minutes of the weigh-in proceeding to step on the scale for his UFC 244 bout with Darren Till. That led to speculation that he might be having trouble making weight. When the commissioner read the scale, however, Gastelum was well under the 186-pound limit, weighing 184 pounds.

That didn’t clear the controversy, however, as people rewatching Gastelum’s weigh-in noted that he coach was standing immediately next to him, almost appearing as if Gastelum could possibly have been slightly leaning against him. There is no clear evidence one way or the other, but the visual has stirred some controversy over Gastelum’s weigh-in.

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