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UFC Fighters React to ‘MMA Football’ (Calcio Storico), feat. Elias Theodorou and Misha Cirkunov

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fight and fighter coverage, 2018-04-12 13:30:28 ,
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UFC fighters Elias Theodorou and Misha Cirkunov are back to watch more weird combat sports and martial arts.

This time they are watching Calcio Storico aka Calcio Fiorentino, a medieval game from Italy that mixes rugby/football/soccer and bare knuckle fighting.

The Calcio Storico footage comes from YouTuber Pietro Pecco. Subscribe to his channel (youtube.com/pietropecco) for more incredible footage from around Europe and beyond.

Follow Elias Theodorou on twitter and instagram @EliasTheodorou and check out his YouTube channel The Mane Event. Follow Misha Cirkunov on twitter and instagram @MishaC911.

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