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What UFC Fighter Almost Brought Down the UFC?

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fight and fighter coverage video 2017-11-21 18:21:15,
Back in the early days after Zuffa took over the UFC, there was an incident were Ricco was to fight Randy Couture for the HW championship. So what was the problem? Ricco decided to brand his whole back with a Golden Palace advertisement. So it sounds rather innovative so why the issue? Well, UFC 39 was taking place at a casino and you can’t advertise another casino, their competitor, in their casino. It not only almost shut down the main event but the whole show.

Dana White said, “Everybody knew that because we were at a casino, you couldn’t have a casino sponsor….. And what does this F###ing idiot do? Forget a t-shirt, he goes out and tattoos it on his back. Right? He gets a tattoo. So what happened was, the tribe there, the tribe said ‘we’re shutting down the show, not having it’. It was the main event. So, uh Lorenzo and I got in a room with these guys and worked it out with them but he almost. he almost shut down the show. Back in those days, a show getting shut down like that could’ve put us outta business.” [Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast]

Now this video doesn’t address the issue of the aforementioned situation but does bring you the fighter- Ricco Rodriguez at the UFC 39 post-fight Press Conference after defeating Randy Couture. This event took place on September 27th 2002 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.
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