Best Forms of Martial Arts for Multiple Attackers

A martial art can be explained as any form of fighting with clear rules of practice. The main reasons for martial arts practice include; self-defense, fighting, meditation, fitness, confidence, discipline, self-expression, sport, etc. There are many forms of martial arts with different tactics for fighting your opponent. Only a few of these forms are well suited for multiple attackers. The best forms of martial arts suitable for multiple attackers include Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Muay Thai and MMA.

The martial arts below are ranked from least to most effective.

Kung Fu

Kung fu is a complex Chinese form of martial arts. It is a great art that you can apply when multiple attackers face it. Kung fu has three main elements that make it suitable for fighting off multiple attackers; it has no rules, focuses on striking, and is designed to incapacitate the opponent. Below is a list of techniques taught in Kungfu that can help you when fighting multiple opponents.

  • Kung Fu sidekick
  • Kung Fu front kick
  • Kung Fu Punches and Blocks
  • The Kung Fu Horse Stance

Kung Fu Sidekick

This kick is designed to stop an approaching attacker. The sidekick is powerful if it is well-timed and executed. You can use this to stop the leader of multiple attackers.

Kung Fu Front Kick

This kick involves striking with the bottom of your foot. The third strike is powerful and lethal if it is well-timed. After getting your opponents in a line attacking with a front kick will be effective in knocking them down as they approach you.

Kung Fu Punches and Blocks

Kung Fu punches utilize the knuckles for a stronger impact on the opponent. The positioning of the arms makes the punch to be robust and lethal. These punches are suitable for any fight, including multiple opponents.

The Kung Fu Horse Stance

This is a body position where you firmly place your feet wide apart for stability. It is the basis of most Kung Fu techniques, for example, Kungfu punches. You will be able to strike precise and lethal punches at your opponents from this point.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing. It is a well-formulated martial art and combat sport. The following strikes taught in Muay Thai could help fight multiple opponents.

  • The straight punch
  • Hook
  • Uppercut

The straight punch

The straight punch is helpful because it can penetrate your opponent’s defense better than other punches. If you combine this with different punches, you will be able to navigate through multiple attackers.


The hook punch aims at the jaw and other body sections such as the liver. A perfect hook is lethal to your opponent. Using it regularly and correctly will give you a higher chance of beating multiple attackers.


The uppercut is a lethal technique when it lands on the chin, the solar plexus, or the nose. It is a great strike to knock out your opponent. A well-executed uppercut will leave your victim in pain for a few minutes.

Mixed Martial arts (MMA)

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that incorporates fighting techniques from Muay Thai, karate, jujitsu, judo, wrestling, and boxing. Several mixed martial arts make it suitable for multiple opponents fights. They include the following:

  • Jab
  • Overhand
  • Elbow strikes


This technique involves throwing the lead fist straight ahead, and the arm is fully extended from the side of the torso. The jab is perfectly suitable when fighting multiple attackers; it will help you gauge the distance, break down and off-balance your opponent. The jab is also a good foundation for your other strikes.

Overhand Technique

It is a semicircular and vertical right-hand punch. It is incredibly effective when executed correctly. It helps you overpower your opponent and add more punches.

Elbow Strikes

The elbow is hard and sharp, thus effective in fights. Elbows can easily injure, cut, or knock out an opponent. You should employ elbow strikes combined with punches that will knock down your opponents, allowing you to deal with the rest.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a martial Art formulated by Israelis. It is accepted in the police, military, and other defense and security branches. It is suitable for bare-handed, armed, and multiple attackers. Krav Maga trains self-defense, combat, and martial skills uniquely and easily. This form of martial arts is a non-sport form of martial arts; it does not care for the rules and well-being of attackers/opponents.

Krav Maga is an excellent form of martial arts. It puts a lot of focus on weapons and how to defend against them. This form of art has combined striking techniques from different forms of martial arts. It involves lethal techniques, which are helpful when fighting multiple opponents.

When fighting multiple attackers, you need to be lethal and inflict as much pain as possible. Some of the deadly techniques in Krav Maga include the following:

  • A hit to the collar bone
  • Blow to the throat
  • Palm to the nose
  • Striking the knee
  • A kick to the temple
  • Kicking the groin with a knee

Hitting the Collar Bone

The collar bone is the anterior bone of the shoulder. Hitting the collar bone using your palm or a kick will give your opponent extreme pain. This strike also deactivates movement of the shoulder or arm depending on the strength of the strike. This will allow you to deal with the other attackers before this opponent can counterattack and use that arm again.

Blow to the Throat

A powerful punch to the throat can hurt the windpipe, cause spitting and vomiting of blood, and excruciating pain. It is a powerful Krav Maga technique to paralyze your opponent from continuing with the fight. It is a suitable technique for eliminating opponents in a situation where you are facing multiple attackers.

Palm to The Nose

Krav Maga employs this strike in most techniques. Striking your opponent with an open palm numbs them for a moment, thus affecting their counterattack. This is an advantage when you are facing multiple opponents.

Striking the Knee

Krav Maga teaches you how to strike your opponent’s knee correctly and brutally. This strike will prevent your opponent from standing to counter you. In multiple opponent fights, this technique serves the purpose of elimination.

A Kick to the Temple

The temple is a very sensitive point. A solid strike to the temple might leave the opponent unconscious or in unbearable pain. This is an advantage as it leaves you to deal with the other opponents.

A Knee Kick to the Groin

The groin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. This Krav Maga move will send your opponent in pain and shock, and they will need time to regain strength for a counterattack. This gives you time to deal with the other attackers.

General tips on how to defend yourself against multiple attackers

Below is a list and detailed section of tips that you can use to deal with multiple opponents.

  • Stay on your feet
  • Control your position
  • Use force multiplier
  • Be fast and brutal
  • Stay alert
  • Target the leader
  • Use a force multiplier
  • Keep moving
  • Embrace the element of surprise
  • Attack first and fast
  • Target weak spots
  • Escape as soon as you can

Stay on Your Feet

Your feet anchor your body, and they support all your attacks. When facing multiple attackers, you need to be stable and on your feet. This will help your punches, elbow strikes, and everything be more potent and lethal. If opponents manage to get you down, try as hard as possible to get back on your feet.

Control Your Position

In a multiple opponents’ fight, you need to maintain an advantageous position. You should make sure that your attackers do not circle you. Try to keep them in a line to deal with each one on one. If they circle you, there is a 90% chance that you will lose the fight. Stack your opponents to reduce the number of attackers you are fighting off simultaneously.

Use Force Multiplier

If there is anything around you that can be used as a weapon, grab it and shove it toward your opponents. A hand-to-hand fight with multiple attackers is not a fair fight; therefore, you should grab every material around you that you can use as a weapon. As you grab things, make sure they are not too heavy because they will slow you down and give your opponents an attack and position advantage.

Be Fast and Brutal

You need to attack your opponents without mercy and fast enough. Ensure you get in range, strike hard and precise, and get out of range quickly before a counterattack. By doing this, you will be able to avoid hits and impact lethal strikes on your victim.

Stay Alert

In multiple opponent fights, you need to be alert to every opponent and strike coming your way. If one lethal strike gets to you, the opponents will overpower you. Stay alert and be evasive.

Target the Leader

Multiple attackers will always have a leader. You will identify the leader by observing who is most aggressive, who is on the front, who is striking more than the rest, who is showing better skills when striking, etc., trying to lure the leader for a one-on-one, leaving the other attackers behind. Strike the leader hard and fast and be evasive. If you can beat the leader down, the team might not back down, but you have already won mentally.

Stay Mobile

Do not hold one position when fighting off multiple attackers. You need to take many small and quick steps with your feet. Move around your opponents, making sure you are at angles suitable for lethal strikes.

Attack First and Fast

When fighting off multiple opponents, you should strike first and fast. Striking fast, make sure you have the upper hand in the fight. Striking first enables you to neutralize your opponent while precluding his retaliating ability.

Embrace the Element of Surprise

Do not be predictable when fighting off multiple opponents. You need all the advantages you can get because you are already outnumbered. The element of surprise will help you strike your opponent effectively, thus knocking them down

Target Weak Spots

You should try to strike your opponent’s weak spots as much as possible. The common weak spots to target include the temple, the nose, solar plexus, jaw, ribs, throat, and eyes. You will quickly knock down your opponents if you launch surprise strikes on these parts.

Escape as Soon as You Can

When outnumbered by your opponents, you should try to run. The chances of winning in such an attack are meager. Always look for an escape opportunity.


Fighting multiple opponents is very challenging, even with the best training in various martial arts. However, several forms are best for fighting off multiple attackers; they include Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, and mixed martial arts. In addition to those forms of martial arts, there are several tips that you should follow when dealing with multiple attackers; for instance, you should be mobile, try to identify and attack the leader and strike fast, among others.

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