Diamond MMA Cup: How To Wear & Wash (2022 Review)

When it comes to full contact sports, such as football, hockey, or combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing, injuries are an occupational hazard. It’s not what if you get hurt, it’s when you get hurt.

In sanctioned combat sports such as MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, the importance of protective gear is non debatable. We all know the necessity of protecting vital parts of the human body such as our teeth, head, and brain. But let’s talk about a more sensitive and potentially painful area and perhaps an even more sensitive topic… your genitals.

In the world of combat sports, low blows are highly frowned upon, and illegal. But regardless of being intentional or accidental, they do happen. Although we may not be able to completely eliminate injuries, with the right protective gear we can certainly mitigate them. Whether it’s in a sparring environment or during competition, the importance of wearing the right groin protection should be a top priority.

And when it comes to picking the right product for keeping your groin area safe and protected, you’ll want the top brand that can provide it.

This is without a doubt, the Diamond MMA Cup, the best brand on the market.

What is a Diamond MMA Cup?

Diamond MMA Cup is first and foremost, an innovative design making its mark in the industry.

For years, countless athletes have complained about the lack of protection, and discomfort when it came to the standard athletic cup. Clearly there was a lack of advancements seen in athletic groin protection and Diamond MMA decided to do something about it. The innovative design speaks for itself. The company’s success stems from their effective response to frustration of athletes and their dedication to answering a serious need.

Diamond MMA Cups are truly a multi-purpose groin protector made with the highest quality materials. Their product is highly engineered, featuring a patented 4-strap locking system.

Diamond MMA understands the importance of not only protection, but comfort as well. They took the task of answering to both needs, protection, and comfort, very seriously, putting together a team of world-renowned engineers to develop their design while using the highest quality material available.

After countless hours of testing, and resultant real-world testimonies,

they are confident that not only does their product provide superior protection, but superior comfort as well. Diamond MMA has made their mark as one of the most effective athletic cups on the market.

Their product is used and trusted by professional UFC fighters, as well as by athletes in the MLB, NHL, NFL, and more. The Diamond MMA Cup has proven its effectiveness not only in sports and combat sports, but in real world applications as well, such as in law enforcement, and military use.

Diamond MMA Cup Review

Why is the Diamond MMA Cup so effective?

The Diamond MMA Cup is truly revolutionary with its patented 4-strap locking system that prevents vertical and lateral movements. This can be assured whether you’re using their compression shorts or jockstraps. Their highly effective design ensures that the protector cup always stays in place flush against your body, even if you take a direct hit.

Athletes know how important mobility is when it comes to performance and comfort. Diamond MMA Cups not only offer complete protection, but never before seen mobility as well. Diamond MMA Cups are designed to minimize chafing and discomfort by offering unparalleled mobility and air flow to keep your sensitive area dry and comfortable.

Let’s talk more about how the Diamond MMA cups can provide such superior protection. Unlike traditional groin protectors that use hard plastics and offer little to no flexibility, Diamond MMA product is a cutting-edge design. It uses polycarbonate with a soft elastomer liner that provides a highly ergonomic fit and is engineered to disperse energy even if the cup takes a direct hit. This offers not only extreme durability, but flexibility as well.

The cup is designed to bend and flex with your movement. This makes the MMA cup not only strong enough to take a direct kick from a professional MMA fighter, but the cup also has the flexibility to achieve superior mobility and comfort. Strength and flexibility are the result, whether you’re pairing your Diamond MMA Cup with their innovative 4 strap jock system or their innovative compression shorts that utilize draw strings to allow ultimate adjustability, you are ensured a perfect fit. Whichever one you decide to use… the Diamond MMA cup keeps you protected and offers uncompromising comfort as well.

More on the importance of Flexibility

When it comes to performance every athlete knows the importance of mobility. Whether you’re throwing kicks in the octagon, or throwing baseballs on the field, having a groin protector that offers flexibility and mobility can make all the difference when it comes to your performance and comfort. Martial artists rely on their flexibility and mobility to pull off their devastating kicking techniques. And when you’re competing at the highest level, you can’t take any chances when it comes to the quality of your protective gear.

How to wear a Diamond MMA Cup

Like all jock straps, Diamond MMA Cup is no different… you put it on one leg at a time. However, they offer two different innovative ways to wear your cup.

First let’s talk about how to wear the cup with the Diamond MMA jockstrap, which as specifically designed for their cup. The most important step is making sure you select the right size, to ensure proper fit. If the jock strap is too large, the protective cup will not be held in place properly.

After the jockstrap is securely placed around your hips, make sure you place the cup with the narrow end facing downwards, and the wide end facing up towards your waist.

The second way of wearing a Diamond MMA Cup is with their innovative compression shorts. Diamond MMA compression shorts are specifically designed to work with their athletic cups. Once the compression shorts are securely fitted on your waist, secure your genitals in the pouch, and place the cup with its narrow side facing down just like the jockstrap. At first some users experience difficulty correctly fitting the cup into place due to the pouch design, but once you get the hang of it, and properly secure the cup… it can be assured that it will stay in place no matter your activity.

It is advised to make sure your genitals are completely secured before starting an activity or exercise. The most important thing is correct fit and placement. No matter how effective the athletic cup is, if you don’t properly wear it, you risk injury. Before engaging in any physical activity, make certain that your athletic cup is securely fitted.

How to wash a Diamond MMA Cup

When it comes to keeping your athletic equipment in top shape, taking care with proper washing is the first step to maintaining the longevity of your Diamond MMA Cup. Their products are made with military-grade material and are engineered and designed to be as tough and durable as you are. However, if not cared for and washed properly, you take the risk of damaging your Diamond MMA Cup.

As far as washing your cup is concerned, Diamond MMA Cups are 100%

Machine safe. They are built to last and can pretty much take anything you throw at it. So go ahead and throw your cup in the washing machine when needed, without any worries.

It’s important for sanitation and longevity of your equipment to wash your jockstrap and compression shorts properly. Diamond MMA products are indeed machine washable, however it’s important to wash them on a gentle setting to ensure no damage is done by the washing machine.

Another option is to hand wash them in cold water. This ensures that there will be no damage done, helping you keep your athletic equipment in great shape for years to come.

Where to Buy a Diamond MMA Cup

Whether you’re looking to buy the Diamond MMA Cup paired with either their jockstrap or compression shorts, both are made with high-grade quality and offer the leading innovative designs in the industry. No matter which one you decide is best for you, be assured you’re getting the best quality product on the market.

The Diamond MMA Cup is available in both adult and youth sizes, so it can accommodate a variety of size needs. An important added plus is that Diamond MMA also offers a lifetime guarantee, which is typically unheard of in this industry.

We recommend that you shop on Amazon. The jockstrap pair, or the compression shorts pair are both sold on Amazon. Additionally, Diamond MMA products can be found on top websites such as DesertCart, MMAFightStore, and other reputable online retailers. However, again, we recommend buying on Amazon, as, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can take advantage of their fast day deliveries, as well as specials and annual discounts.


No one likes a low blow… whether it’s literally or figuratively. Make sure you’re protected by buying the top-rated athletic cup in the industry. Because when it comes to protecting your male anatomy, buying a product other than Diamond MMA can be like getting kicked in the groin… figuratively speaking of course.

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