Get a Tight Body With Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts is a Great Way to Achieve a Tight Body –

When you look at photos of professional mixed martial arts fighters, what do you see? You will undoubtedly notice that mixed martial arts – otherwise known as MMA – fighters all have this in common: developed, balanced, and defined muscle tone with minimal fat. In other words, they all have the lean, tight, and cut body that most consider ideal.

Unlike other sports, competitive training, or even other martial arts styles, mixed martial arts has unique characteristics that make it a far superior workout for getting the toned and fit body you’ve always wanted.

MMA Includes Several Martial Arts In One

When you train in MMA, you train and become skilled in multiple martial arts styles and disciplines. The particular combination of techniques varies depending on the school, academy, or trainer. However, if you’re interested in MMA training, expect to learn a mix of different fighting styles that include Boxing, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Russian Sambo, Capoeira, and Kickboxing.

Mixed Martial Arts Strengthens All the Muscle Groups With a Variety of Movement

Punches, kicks, clinches, and takedowns can all take place within a few minutes of sparring. Therefore, MMA training includes a wide range of strength building and cardio exercises in addition to stretches that improve flexibility. A skilled MMA fighter trains to excel at several different types of punches and kicks from various martial arts styles, thus developing great strength in all muscle groups.

Core Strength Is Central To a Majority of MMA Movement

The mixture of martial arts moves employed in MMA utilize core strength to stabilize the spine. Though six-pack abs are usually the first image that comes to mind upon hearing the word “core,” in addition to the abdominal muscles, your core includes your back, glutes, and hips, too. And, yes, you will strengthen all of them in mixed martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts Is a Cardio Workout

MMA requires that you be able to do high intensity, explosive movements in short or medium bursts, followed by rest. This type of workout is an excellent way to increase cardiovascular strength and build endurance while burning fat. It doesn’t get any better than that. Though you might be tempted to use the treadmill on alternate days, you’ll probably discover that you don’t have to.

MMA Builds Defined Muscles With Resistance

Unlike many other martial arts, in mixed martial arts there is constant resistance working against you while you’re grappling. Alex Khanbabian, Coach, and owner of American Kickboxing Academy says, “MMA training forces your muscles to work with positive and negative resistance. It’s cardio intensive yet muscle building which causes the muscles to be extremely defined.”

For achieving developed muscles and a lean body while training in just one sport, mixed martial arts is a cut above the rest. So if you dream of having a defined, tight, and lean body without having to do every type of workout there is, then MMA is ideal for you.


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