These Are The Best Martial Arts Combinations

One of the best things about martial arts is having so many different techniques and styles to choose from. You can mix and match different techniques to create your own unique fighting style. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a martial arts combination.

A well-rounded martial artist has a strong mix of striking, grappling, and submission techniques. But it all depends on what you want to focus on and what works best for you.

Here are some of the most popular and effective martial arts combinations.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai
  • American Wrestling and Boxing
  • Krav Maga and Judo

The Best Martial Arts Combinations and Why

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these combinations.

1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai

  • Well-rounded
  • Versatile
  • Easy to learn at the same time

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, focuses on ground fighting and submitting your opponent through chokes and joint locks. It is a highly effective martial art for controlling and submitting your opponent.

Muay Thai, on the other hand, focuses on using powerful strikes to defeat your opponent. Muay Thai uses an eight-point striking system that incorporates punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.

In combination, these two martial arts make for a well-rounded and dangerous fighter. BJJ gives you the ability to take the fight to the ground and control your opponent. Muay Thai gives you the power to stay standing and control the fight through varied, devastating strikes.

Both of these martial arts are exceptionally versatile in their own right. On the ground, someone skilled in BJJ can easily submit an opponent that’s larger and stronger than them. BJJ even teaches many techniques for submitting an opponent who’s on top of you.

Muay Thai, also known as the Art of Eight Limbs, offers a wide variety of strikes to keep an opponent at a distance or take them down. Kicks, punches, knees, and elbows can all be used to attack or defend. Muay Thai also teaches proper footwork and movement so you can create openings and avoid taking damage yourself.

Muay Thai and BJJ are easy to learn together because they teach completely different styles. Since one teaches ground submissions and the other teaches standing striking, they aren’t confusing to train in at the same time.

2. American Wrestling and Boxing

  • Aggressive and takedown oriented
  • Control distance
  • Synergistic pacing

Wrestling and boxing are two of the most popular martial arts in the world. They’re both highly effective for self-defense and competition.

Wrestling is a grappling martial art that teaches powerful takedowns and control on the ground.

Boxing is one of the oldest known sports in the world. It’s a striking martial art that focuses on punches and combinations. It also teaches footwork and how to control distance.

Together, these two martial arts make for a very aggressive fighter. A wrestler is always looking for the takedown, and a boxer is always looking to land a knockout blow.

What’s unique about these two martial arts is the synergistic way they attack and defend.

The quick footwork boxing teaches compliments the takedown techniques of wrestling. And both styles use similarly paced attacks from the standing position.

Grappling and takedowns can counter kicks and other below-the-belt attacks that boxing is vulnerable to. And the striking combinations of boxing can easily set up takedowns or other grappling attacks.

Both arts teach a fighter how to control distance in different ways. In boxing, pulling an opponent in so they’re too close to wind up a punch is a common tactic. At this distance, a skilled grappler can easily take down or submit the opponent.

On the other hand, boxing teaches techniques for keeping an opponent at bay until you’re ready to close the distance, and wrestling teaches takedowns that throw your opponent to the ground and keep you on your feet.

Overall, these two martial arts have complementary strengths that make for a well-rounded fighter, whether for competition or self-defense.

3. Krav Maga and Judo

  • Wide range of techniques
  • Self-defense oriented
  • Empowers weaker fighters

Judo means “gentle way” and abides by the fighting philosophy of “maximum efficiency with minimum effort.” Judo masters exploit the movement of their opponents, countering their momentum with powerful throws and takedowns.

In Judo, fighters use the ground as their weapon. While on-the-ground fighting is a part of Judo, most attacks are throws. In self-defense situations, these throws quickly take down an attacker and create distance from the situation.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the Israeli army. It’s known for its brutal efficiency in real-world scenarios and is widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous martial art.

Krav Maga teaches how to take down an attacker and strike at vulnerable areas until you create enough distance to escape. Classes simulate real-world scenarios, such as being mugged at gunpoint or held down by multiple people.

What’s unique about these two martial arts is their exceptional ability to empower weaker fighters. Judo uses the attacker’s momentum against them, and Krav Maga teaches how to incapacitate someone through pressure points and precise strikes to the face and groin.

Krav Maga and Judo is a combination recommended for those interested in effective self-defense. While Judo has many advantages in competitive scenarios, hardly anything in Krav Maga is legal in sports.

While all three of these martial arts combinations are deadly, it is important to remember that the best way to win a fight is to avoid getting into one in the first place. If you can use your knowledge of these combinations to intimidate your opponent or get them on the ground, you’ll be well on your way to winning any altercation. However, always remember that using physical force should be your last resort. With enough practice and discipline, you can become proficient in any of these powerful martial arts combinations.

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