These Are The Best Martial Arts For Kicking


The martial arts are an interesting and diverse way to engage in physical activity. Martial artists can use the disciplines of different styles to address whatever problem they might be facing. This article will give you a list of the top 5 martial arts for kicking, which provide a variety of techniques that can be used in self-defense.

In some styles, the kicks are used as a weapon in their own right by shattering bones and sending opponents flying. In others, kicking is used to create distance or distract an opponent. These styles will be explored in this article, and you will get a better understanding of what each style is all about.

The following five martial arts movements have been selected for this article because they provide good examples of kicks that can be used when defending yourself against an attacker. Some of these could be used as self-defense techniques, while others can be used as exercises to improve your footwork training or fitness level.

The Best Martial Arts For Kicking

1. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art with roots in both Korea and China. As with most Asian arts, it is based on the concept of yin and yang. According to Taekwondo, the mind is yang while the body is yin.

Therefore, martial arts styles should emphasize mental and physical strength over physical strength alone. The focus of Taekwondo in terms of performing kicks is that the core energy centers should be engaged. Kicks are designed to reach an attacker’s vital organs and muscle groups, simultaneously producing an effect similar to “exploding” them with a large burst of energy that can cause internal damage.

The Taekwondo kicking techniques are frequently seen in the forms and sparring. Kicks have a dual purpose. They can be used to defeat an opponent or deliver powerful internal strikes that cause damage to the body. The strength and power of these kicks are often directed through the use of a “chin SEO gwan” hong chik UK gwan or a “gum change” kum chai, which means “elbow” or “shoulder.

2. Karate

Karate is a Japanese art that is associated with basic self-defense skills. In Karate, punches and kicks are used for self-defense and sport.

Karate is a sport that trains students to use their hands and feet. The more varied forms of kata training become more aggressive while maintaining self-defense principles. When you master these styles, they will become useful in many situations to promote your fighting skills.

Kata training is one way to train your body’s skills and build strength in just a few hours or days. Kata training can be used by various ages and includes a variety of methods of learning, such as free sparring, receiving, or memory work. In addition, there are also many kinds of individual techniques that require practice, and the various techniques are called “kata.”

3. Taekkyon

This discipline is also called “Korean wrestling.” It is a complete martial art that includes techniques such as punches, kicks, throws, and locks. The basic aim of this style is to use the whole body’s strength to defeat and turn around an opponent. This discipline was created in Korea in the late 1940s.

The techniques are used to make them more practical, such as delivering powerful strikes or pinning the opponent against a wall or floor. As with Taekwondo, Karate, and Kung Fu, Taekkyon is based on yin and yang principles in that it focuses mainly on balance and leverage rather than strength alone.

Taekkyon is a Korean martial art known as a Korean hybrid of Chinese Kung-Fu techniques and Judo.

Some traditional Taekwondo schools use Tae Kyon of the Chang Moo Kwan as an exercise in developing power. It also has some partial similarity with each other. They are both kicks, emphasizing proper form and body training to deliver powerful strikes effectively.

4. Muay Thai

Muay Thai (the Way of War) was developed from Thai boxing by fighters fighting for honor, money, or revenge against their opponents over the past century. Muay Thai is a full-contact sport that includes lethal blows and holds and throws that allows the fighter to get inside the opponent’s guard.

Muay Thai training is a violent form of boxing that improves the physical ability of its practitioners and the mental ability to maintain calm in any situation. It is often referred to as the “Art of 8 Limbs” because it uses punches, kicks, elbows, knee strikes, and locks and holds.

As with other martial arts styles, this discipline also respects the yin/yang principle and uses natural or basic movements. Muay Thai is a martial art that gives a lot of space for self-improvement in skill and fitness.

5. Wushu

This martial art style is popular in China and some other Asian countries. It is a style that uses Chinese kung fu and specializes in self-defense.

Wushu uses acrobatics, dance, and exercises to train the body’s strength and flexibility. Wushu uses a variety of unarmed fighting styles, including punches and kicks, and a variety of weapons such as two short swords, two short sticks, two broadswords, a saber with shield, saber without shield, spear with shield, spear without shield, etc.

The unarmed styles include training and sparring, which can be used to defend against an opponent when attacked.

The origins of Wushu date back more than 2,000 years to the time of the Han dynasty. It was used in self-defense to protect the citizens from foreign invaders.

These five martial arts styles are different concerning the specific kicking instructions. For example, Kung Fu and Karate focus on punches, and Taekwondo focuses on kicks, while Muay Thai emphasizes punches, kicks, and elbow strikes.

Wushu combines Chinese martial arts using both punching and kicking techniques while also using acrobatics and exercises like tumbling to develop flexibility in the body. Wushu training includes punching an armed and kicking unarmed and armed.

Wushu has been described as the first martial art that used Chinese Kung Fu traditions. This is because it combines punches, kicks, and several other weapons such as short sticks, short swords, spears, sabers, etc. Wushu has also been described as one of the most comprehensive martial arts styles.

Of the five martial arts styles, Kung Fu and Taekwondo are most familiar around the globe as many people participate in these two disciplines. Karate is also popular with many practitioners, who often compete in sports forms and tournament events. Muay Thai and Wushu, on the other hand, are more popular in certain regions of the world, including Asia, Europe, and Africa, while they are also growing in popularity around the world, including East Africa and Latin America.


As martial arts styles have been growing in popularity, a new one is developed every day. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why many people are confused about today’s various martial arts styles. To find the discipline that is right for you, consider many things, including how your body moves, where you live, and which disciplines you are most comfortable with.

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